Game Design

I started by creating a few computer games on my own and designing 3D environments for a few indie games (a fantasty RPG and a fishing game). After that, I got into creating quests with the Foundry tool in the online game Neverwinter. Iím still making Neverwinter quests, and Iíve expanded into board games. I am currently looking for a home for Streets & Sidewalks, a tile-laying abstract game, and Iím developing a story-based co-op adventure game, codenamed Genepocalypse.

My first Neverwinter quest was featured in-game by the developers, and featured it in both a blog and video walkthrough. It later won a contest at the same site. My 5 quests have been played over 147,800 times total with an average user rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Game Writing

Writing quests for Neverwinter and my story adventure game has been so much fun that I have expanded into freelance game writing. I am currently working on a story and flavor text for a retro 50ís sci-fi board game that will be coming to Kickstarter in spring 2015.

If you are looking for a freelance game writer, please contact me:


I'm an avid reader of fantasy, mystery, and sci-fi. The stories I enjoy most bridge the genre gap. Before I got into game writing, I wrote several novels. So far, only one has grabbed me enough to push through the editing & polishing process. A Clockwork Murder is available in Kindle ebook format. I'm currently editing the sequel.

Children's Books

I'm a Ph.D. Bioengineer and robot repair guy for my day job. I created Nerni and Friends as bedtime stories to entertain my daughters. They tell me which characters they want to hear about and what sort of adventure they'll have, and then I make up the story as I go.

I wrote down the best stories and made the picture books so my wife could read them when I had to be out of town. My daughters and her friends enjoyed the stories so much that I decided to share them with everyone. And, of course, my secret desire is to get kids interested in science and engineering.

My Story

Reading and playing games have been two of my main passions. Along the way, I decided to create my own. I started with writing novels, and then added short stories. Once I had children, I wrote and illustrated the Nerni books for them. At the same time, I coded simple video games, built environments for more complex video games, and ultimately created my own. As I expanded my playing into board games, Iíve also expanded my game designs.

In the end, I love to tell stories with words, pictures, and game mechanics.

When I'm not writing or designing, Iím a father, a Ph.D. Bioengineer, and traveling robot repair guy.


If you want to chat or inquire about freelance writing, you can find me on Twitter as @wininoid or email me: